Sunday, October 25, 2020

Maruchan Ramen

Momofuku Ando invented “Chicken Ramen,” the world’s first instant noodle product manufactured on a large scale by Nissin Foods, Japan, in 1958.

In 1970, Nissin Foods expanded the ramen business to the United States with their main product, Top Ramen. In 1972, ramen was produced in United States.

Maruchan, the bestselling ramen noodle brand in the United States, started out in 1953 as a frozen fish distributer in Tokyo. Through hard work, commitment and perseverance of the young man Mr. Kazuo Mori, his modest company soon grew into a successful food company, known as Toyo Suisan. The company involved with cold-storage business in 1955 and began producing and selling such processed foods as fish sausage and various marine products in 1956.

In 1961, Toyo Suisan branched out of the fish storage and distribution business and entered the instant ramen noodle business. In 1972, Maruchan division of Toyo Suisan Kaisha established its first instant ramen production facility in the United States and began selling products for North America and Mexican markets. By 1997 it had three factories.
Maruchan Ramen


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