Monday, February 10, 2014

History of Nestlé in United States

The Company formed by the 1905 merger was called Nestlé and Anglo-Swiss Milk Company. In 1900, Nestlé first factory was opened in United States.

The factory is in Fulton, New York. As part of the arrangements of the 1905 merger, Nestlé agreed to withdraw from condensed milk market in the United States although it continued to produce baby food and milk chocolate at Fulton.

The World War I created tremendous new demand for Nestlé products, largely in the form of government contracts. To keep up, Nestlé purchased several existing factories in the United States.

In 1936, Nestlé had organized Unilac, Inc., incorporated in Panama. It’s served initially as the holding company for Nestlé’s activities in Latin America.

During war in Europe, Unilac opened and executive office in Stamford, Connecticut and from there Nestlé’s top leadership managed the international business.

In 1939, Nestlé began to manufacture and started marketing its first non-milk product, Nescafe in United States. In July 1940, it launched an impressive sales campaign to market the instant coffee.

Nescafe became an American staple after servicemen tasted it in Europe and Asia during World War II.

By the 1960s, as much as one third of home- prepared coffee was soluble.

Although Nestlé saw the opening of its first US production facility in 1900, the Nestlé USA subsidiary was not established until 1990.
History of Nestlé in United States
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