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Minneapolis Milling Company

Illinois congressman Robert Smith leased power rights to flour mills operating along Anthony Falls on the Mississippi River and helped found the Minneapolis Milling Company.

In 1856 Cadwallader C. Washburn (1818 – 1882), an attorney and lumber company owner of in Wisconsin purchased the Minneapolis Mill Company from Smith.

A year later Washburn cousin, Dorilus Morrison, entered into partnership with him.

The corporation chartered on February 27, 1856 had Smith as president. At the beginning company gained control of and leased the power rights of the water flowing over the St. Anthony Falls to nearby mill operation.

In 1866, then entrepreneur build his own incredibly large mill, fully persuaded that he could turn a profit there.

When John Crosby joined Washburn’s business in 1877 the company changed its name to the Washburn Crosby Company.

In 1880, after winning the gold, silver, and bronze medals at the first International Miller’s Exhibition, the Washburn Crosby Company changed the brand name of tis best flour to Gold Medal. The company went on to publish Washburn Crosby Co.’s New Cook Book in 1894 and in 1903 the Gold Medal Flour Cook Book.

By the time Washburn Crosby’s cooking demonstration were popular in the early 1920s, the company’s cookbook were out of print, yet demand hadn’t slowed for information on basic meal preparation, menu planning, grocery budgeting and cooking techniques.

On June 21, 1928 a consortium known as General Mills, Inc., was created. The assemblage was comprised of all 27 mill operations constructed or purchased by Washburn Crosby since 1866.
Minneapolis Milling Company

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