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United States Postal Service

Central Postal organization came to the colonies in 1691 when Thomas Neale received a 21 year grant from the British Crown from a North American Postal Service.

Benjamin Franklin was named the first Postmaster General by the second Continental Congress on July 26, 1775.

Early postmasters had small offices. They sorted the mail into cubbyholes. In 1789, Congress gave the federal government the sole power to offer mail service.

The system later became the Post Office Department and grew as the Nation's needs for postal services increased.

In 1813, all steamboats began carrying mail. All railroads became part of the mail system in 1838. Mailbags were hung from poles near the tracks and conductors will grab the bags as the train sped fast.

By 1880, 454 post offices were delivering mail to residents of US cities. It was in 1900 the free delivery came to farmers and other rural residents.

In 1970, the Past Office Department was reorganized and became the U.S Postal Service, which is now operated independently of all other agencies of the Federal Government.
United States Postal Service

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