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Coors Brewery of Golden, Colorado

In 1868, a Prussian brewery apprentice named Adolph Herman Joseph Coors found his way to the United States.

He and his partner Jacob Schueler established Adolph Coors Brewing Company 1873 in Golden, Colorado.

Schueler, a Denver businessman put up most of the money and Coors provided the brewing knowledge.  Coors and Schueler chose to build their brewery in Golden, Colorado, a site with access to underground springs and a railroad line that served several towns to the west.

The business thrived and by 1880s Coors was able to buy out Schuler and become the sole proprietor of Adolph Coors Golden Brewery. He renamed the company the Coors Golden Brewery. The company was incorporated in 1913.

During the next decade, Coors’s production in increased from 3500 to 17600 barrels annually, and the brewery continued to prosper until Colorado adopted prohibition in 1916.

During that time, the company produced near-beer, dairy products, and malt products, becoming the country’s third-largest producer of malt products.

In the 1950s, Bill Coors and his staff invented the first aluminium beverage can and became the first company to put the invention into practice.

In 1978, Coors Light was introduced and is now the brewery’s largest selling label. In 1981, Coors products became available easts of the Mississippi River for the first time, and by 1991 Coors products were available in all fifty states.

As part of expansion, Coors built a packaging plant in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in 1985 and acquired a brewery in Memphis in 1990.

In 2005, Coors merged with Canada’s Molson brewing company to create Molson Coors, and in 2008, the company entered into a joint venture with SABMiller, creating MillerCoors.
Coors Brewery of Golden, Colorado

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