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Pizza Hut in history

Pizza migrated to the United States in the late nineteenth century. The first pizzeria in the United States was established by Italian bakers in New York in 1902. The history of Pizza hut began in 1958, when what is now the world's largest pizza franchise was born. Pizza Hut is the world's largest pizza restaurant chain and is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., whose restaurants total approximately 34,000 restaurants.

Frank Carney, an 18-year old student at the University of Wichita, read an article about pizza in the Saturday Evening Post and decoded to open a pizza parlor in 1958. With his brother Dan Carney, Franck opened a pizza parlor in Wichita, Kansas. They borrowed $600 form their mother to start a business. They opened a small pizzeria at a busy Wichita intersection on June 15, 1958. At that time the original Pizza hut was at Wichita State University with 25 seats.

The mixed the dough in a plastic baby bathtub and gave away pizza slice to attract customers, When making the sign for the restaurant they only had enough room for nine letters and because they made pizza's they wanted pizza in the name, that only left 3 letters and because the restaurant looked like a hut they named it Pizza Hut.

A family member remarked that their little building looked like a hut and the name Pizza Hut was born. After just over a year the Carneys owned five Wichita Pizza Huts. Their first franchise was opened in 1959 in Topeka, Kansas.

In 1963, Pizza Hut designed a building style that was adopted for all restaurants throughout the chain. By 1971 Pizza Hut had added franchises in Australia and Europe making it the world’s number one pizza restaurant chain in both sales and number of outlets.

In 1977, Pizza Hut was acquired by PepsiCo, and Pizza Hut began a process to Americanized its image. By 1990 Pizza Hut ranked fourth in sales among all chain restaurants.
Pizza Hut in history

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