Saturday, March 4, 2017

History of spices business in United States

When Columbus sailed out into the Atlantic Ocean in 1492, he expected to establish a new trade route with Asia.

In the 15th century eastern trade was chief source of riches for affluent Europeans wanted spices that would not grow in Europe such as black pepper, cinnamon and cloves for preserving and flavoring their food.

In 1613 the New Netherlands Company was awarded a three year monopoly on commerce in the Americas but lost its charter when it failed to run profit. Eight years later the Dutch West India Company took over the New Netherlands Company’s territory and more though a charter to conduct trade especially spices and establish colonies in the Americas.

Throughout history the country that controlled the spice trade was the richest and most powerful in the world. In the 19th century Great Britain’s maritime prowess established her as the leader of this lucrative trade, but dominance in this trading activity has change hands and the United States is now the prime figure in world spice buying with New York as its center.

The American Spice Trade Association (ASTA) was established at the beginning of the twentieth century. Given its long involvement in regulating the quality of herbs and species entering the USA, ASTA standards are recognized and endorsed by the United States Food & Drug Administration (USDA).

History of spices business in United States
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