Sunday, August 6, 2017

Nokia in United States

In 1967, the companies formally merged to create Nokia incorporated which was by then ideally positioned to take a leading role in the evolution of mobile communications in Europe.

By mid of 1990s, Nokia had emerged as one of the leading wireless handset players not just in Europe but globally. In 1996 Nokia became the second largest handset vendor in United States with 28.8% of shipments after Ericson (34% shipments).
For many years, Nokia dominated the cell market with a wide range of innovative handsets. Then, in 27, Apple introduced the iPhone. In the beginning, Apple was no threat to Nokia. In 2007, Apple sold 3.7 million iPhones while Nokia sold 435 million phones, including 6 million smartphone.

Over time, Apple’s popularity grew, although it was a relatively slow process. By 2013, Nokia’s smartphone share had dropped to less than 3 percent. In that year, Nokia sold its handset business to Microsoft.

Microsoft announced that the mobile capabilities and assets of Nokia would help in delivering in innovations in mobile system and cloud technology.
Nokia in United States
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