Saturday, April 28, 2018

Microsoft word

Word was a late entry into the word processing market. WordStar was the market leader in the early 1980s with WordPerfect taking over in the second half of the decade.

The introduction in 1983 of Apple's MacWrite and Microsoft's Word on the new Macintosh computer represented a radical transformation of word processing software. Microsoft Word 1.0 first appeared in 1983 (MS-OS PCs), 1984 (Macintosh) and 1989 (Windows).

In 1981, Microsoft employed Charles Simonyi, the man who designed the breakthrough Bravo word processing programs for Alto. The inconspicuous Charles Simonyi jumped over to Microsoft and he took with him from PARC the formidable BRAVO text-editing program, which was quickly transformed into the hugely successful Microsoft Word application. Word software accounted for a large share of Microsoft's billions in profits.

It was Simonyi who laid out the business plan for Microsoft that would promote its expansion into databases, spreadsheets.
Microsoft word
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