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Bertman Foods Company - wholesale grocery business

Born in Poland, Joseph "Joe" Bertman (1902-1988) established his wholesale grocery business in Cleveland, Ohio. The company got its start in 1925 when Joseph Bertman’s spicy brown mustardwas sold at League Park, where Babe Ruth hit his 500th career home run.

Joe Bertman started the company when he was in his early twenties, with a partner, and then bought him out within a couple of years. He began making various varieties of pickles, coffee blends, sauces and spices concocted in his garage near Kinsman Avenue. The firm relocated to 653 E. 103rd by the mid-1930s, and was then known as the Bertman Pickle Co. Soon afterward, the company relocated to 2180 E. 76th near Cedar.

Locally known as The Pickle King, he sells his products to local merchants before expanded his clients to caterers, hospital and other institutions.

Bertman's Original Ball Park Mustard is the company's best-known product. Some sources indicate that the mustard was first sold at League Park baseball games in 1938.

When the Indians moved to Municipal Stadium and then Jacobs/Progressive Field, Bertman mustard went with them. At the time, the Indians would play night, weekend and selected games at Municipal Statium before becoming a full-time tenant in 1947.
Bertman Foods Company - wholesale grocery business

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