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Boeing Company of United States

Shortly after the Wright brother’s famous flight, American timber Merchant William Edward Boeing founded Pacific Aero Products Company. Boeing bought Heath's shipyard in Seattle on the Duwamish River, which became later his first airplane factory and assembled his first seaplane, Boeing Model I.

On May 9, 1917, the company became the “Boeing Airplane Company” and obtained orders from the US Navy for 50 planes. In the 1930s and 1940s Boeing manufactured bombers and aircraft for commercial transport.

After World War I company faced with stagnation in business, therefore, temporary became manufacturer of different products like a dresser, counters and furniture along with flat bottom boats called Sea Sleds.

In 1954 the company developed the first prototype of 707, which ultimately revolutionized people travel around the world.

In 1967 McDonnell Douglas was formed by a merger of two separate companies, McDonnell and Douglas. McDonnell Douglas was a major American aerospace manufacturing corporation and defense contractor. The merged company continued to manufacturer commercial aircraft, combat aircraft and space vehicles.

North American Aviation Inc. was first established in 1928. The roots of North American Aviation can be traced back with the formation of a holding company in the United States by the same name. It brought together interests in Curtiss Aeroplane, Douglas Aircraft and Transcontinental Air Transport.

The three companies finally merged in December 1996 to become the New Boeing. A prime motive for the merger was to compete more effectively with rivals.
Boeing Company of United States

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