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Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream

Dreyer’s manufactures and distributes premium and super-premium ice cream and other frozen dessert products.

William A. Dreyer, the founder of Dreyer’s and the creator of Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, is credited with inventing many popular flavors including Rocky Road. Dreyer’s was the first manufacturer to produce an ice cream lower in calories.

In 1906 William Dreyer made his first frozen dessert to celebrate his German ship's arrival in America. He first made Ice Cream in New York then moves to Northern California. He began 20-year apprenticeship with ice cream makers like National Ice Cream Company and Peerless Ice Cream.

In 1921 Dreyer opens own ice creamery in Visalia and one first prize at Pacific Slope Dairy Show.

In 1928 Dreyer partnered with candy-maker Joseph Edy, and together they founded a small ice cream factory on Grand Avenue in Oakland, California. The company name as Edy’s Grand Ice Cream of Oakland, California. Together they created Dreyer's and EDY's® Ice Cream.

As the Great Depression hit, Dreyer and Edy wanted to create a special new flavor to make folks smile. They mixed together rich chocolate ice cream, crunchy almonds and chewy marshmallows. Rocky Road was born in 1929. Its name was a play on words referring to the yummy chocolate chunks, but also the ‘rocky road’ that people had to walk during America’s Great Depression.

In 1947 Edy and Dreyer agreed to dissolve their partnership. Edy returned to the candy-making business. In 1953, Dreyer retired and his son, affectionately known as Junior, took over management of the company. In 1953, Dreyer renamed the company.

In 1977 T. Gary Rogers and William F. Cronk buy Dreyer's Ice Cream and head East – achieving mouthwatering success for three decades.

Since 1977, Dreyer’s has developed from a specialty ice cream sold principally in selected San Francisco Bay Area grocery and ice cream stores to a broad line of ice cream and other frozen dessert products sold under the Dreyer’s and Edy’s brand names in retail outlets serving more than 91 percent of the households in the United States.

Dreyer's was acquired by Nestlè in 2003, making the combined company the world leader in ice cream production and sales, followed by Unilever PLC, maker of the Breyers and Ben & Jerry's brands.
Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream

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