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7-Up Name Origin

In the quaint village of Price’s Branch, Missouri, the journey of a beloved soda began with Mr. C.L. Griggs in 1920. He concocted a refreshing orange beverage known as Howdy, which garnered local popularity. However, Griggs was determined to enhance his creation. Hence, he introduced a new lemon-lime soda marketed as Bib-label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda. Despite its delightful taste, this beverage struggled to find success in the market, largely due to its cumbersome name.

Undeterred by initial setbacks, Griggs persisted in his quest for a winning name. Legend has it that after six attempts, he finally struck gold with the moniker '7-Up'. This simple yet catchy name transformed the fortunes of the drink, propelling it to become the bestselling soda it is today.

The choice of '7-Up' is not merely arbitrary; it holds significance beyond its phonetics. Inextricably linked to the popular card game seven-up, the name resonates with consumers on multiple levels. In the game, the trump card is a turned-up card, and players aim to accumulate a fixed total of seven points for victory. This association adds an element of intrigue and familiarity, further endearing the soda to its audience.

Thus, the history of 7-Up's name origin is not just a tale of serendipity but a testament to the power of branding and innovation in shaping consumer preferences. From humble beginnings to global acclaim, the journey of 7-Up exemplifies the quintessential American success story.
7-Up Name Origin

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