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History of Pepsi-Cola

In 1892, Caleb Davis Bradham opened a drug store called Bradham’s Pharmacy. He founded it as a fun to mix delicious a soft drink as it was to make medicines. His soda fountain grew popular as townspeople gathered to socialize.

In 1893, Bradham combined sugar, caramel coloring, rare oils and extracts a fruit juices. This created a syrup. The syrup would be mixed with carbonated water to make a soft drink. The name ‘Brad’s Drink’ didn’t convey the nature of the beverage and he decided to name it ‘Pepsi-Cola’.

In 1898, Bradham wisely bought the trade name ‘Pep Cola’ for $100 from a competitor from Newark, New Jersey that had gone broke.

Bradham filed incorporation paper for Pepsi-Cola Company with the state of North Carolina in 1902. A year later, the US patent Office granted Pepsi-Cola a trademark. By then, Bradham had decided that he needed to move his operation to a larger building.

At first Bradham mixed his own syrup, which was sold only through soda fountains, but he soon realized a greater market was to be had in bottling Pepsi, which people could drink and transport anywhere.

Pepsi-Cola went bankrupt in 1923 due to fluctuations of sugar price. In 1931, Pepsi-Cola was bought by the Loft Candy Company.
History of Pepsi-Cola
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