Saturday, November 18, 2017

Computer Apple 1

On April 1, 1976, two college dropouts, Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak, founded the Apple Computer Company. Jobs had left his potion at Atari, and Woz quit his job at Hewlett-Packard to work for Apple full item. They began operating out of garage building the Apple I, which some claim to be the first personal computer to be sold as a fully assembled package.

In the early 1970s, before the introduction of the Apple I, the personal computing products available in the market had limited appeal. They were generally sold by small electronics firms and individual hobbyists through clubs.

The concept of commercial software barely existed in 1976. Companies like Apple made their money from hardware sales.

Nine programs were available in cassette: BASIC, Mastermind, Lunar Laner, Blackjack, Hamurabi, Mini-Startrek, 16K-Startrek, Dis-Assembler an Extended Monitor. Apple sold these programs for $5 apiece to encourage interest in the Apple I.

The Apple I was not a big success. It had 8K RAM, a low resolution black and white display, a keyboard port and a monitor program. Apple hired some marketing folks, Nolan Bushnell, who founded Atari, Mike Markkula, who had cut his teeth in the technology business as Intel’s Marketing Manager, invested $250, 000 and became the chairman of the company.
Computer Apple 1
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