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Oldsmobile in history

"Oldsmobile" - a brand of cars, most of its existence, the corporation owned by General Motors.

Originally established as Olds Motor Vehicle Company, the company was founded in 1897 and existed until 2004. During its 107-year history, the company produced 35.2 million vehicles, of which about 14 million at its plant in Lansing.

Ransom E. Olds (1864-1950), an Ohio-born engine maker, founded the Olds Motor Vehicle Company in Lansing. He built his first steam powered vehicle in 1887 and the first gasoline vehicle in 1896. He was a pioneer in mass production in the automobile industry.

The company built a plant in Detroit and began producing a car built to sell for $1250.

In 1901, the company, then known as Olds Motor Works, debuted the Curved Dash Oldsmobile, a gas-powered, open-carriage vehicle named for its curved front footboard.

The car surpassed the steam Locomobile as America’s best-selling car in 1902, when 2,750 of them were sold.

Ransom Olds left the company in 1908, and General Motors (GM) acquired Oldsmobile in after Oldsmobile had been struggling financially. Oldsmobile was slotted between Chevrolet; less expensive, and Buick; more expensive.

April 29, 2004, was the last day Oldsmobile comes off from the assembly line.
Oldsmobile in history

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